Lake Alto

Lake Alto

2 black calvus, 1 white calvus, 1 yellow calvus, 4 compressecips, 1 sexfaciatus, 1 ventralis, 1 frontosa, 2 julidochromis, 1 cherry moori, 1 cylindricus and 1 syn. cat, with interior decorating done by the frontosa

60x16x22 cm (21 l / 6 gallons) posted in Lake Tanganyika






anachris, seeds, amazon sword, moss grows on wood


black slate, and pine tree root



oddysea 150 power compaq (10 hours a day)


fluval 404 (10 hours a day)


water changes every other week, 20% or so...

3 frontosa can go either way, they either get along or they don't I'd say chances are one will dominate and mess up the other two, the calvus would be fine as long as they were big enough and I don't reccomend the moorii's in there because they are from a different lake, but I suppose it could work
kick ass tank
pretty fish I got the same tank 90 g and the fluval 404 that is not good I have two of them let me ask I got frontosas and calvus too how many now than your frontosa is getting big you think you can have in that tank I was thinking to put 3 and 3 calvus plus my two morii blue dolphins let me know your opinion thank's I
What's up Long Beach!! NLB here!
that is a nice tang set up
thats tight
haha thats just Todd's gang, he's not actually in the photo haha
Like the pic of Todd in the background, Todd's cool huh huh.
I really enjoy the natural look you display is