Big Phil

Big Phil

My fish are "rescue" fish. I saved them from an abandoned apartment and fell in love. All I know about fish I learned from them. All in all not much, but I've had them a year and they know me. When they hear my voice the come running. And when I sit by the tank the swim to the bottom to hang out with me. There are 6, Big Phil is the biggest 8" long and 4" "tall" the rest are about the same size at 6" long and 3" tall. And one sucker fish (Sel). They were in a tiny tank when I found them and now they are in a 65 gallon tank and they seem happy. They are Oscars I think (picture comparisons) and they bicker constantly but never hurt each other (no marks, nicks or real rough fighting). We call them "the pirana" cause dinner time means them jumping up and trying to eat my fingers with the food.... live bites maybe? I read that I should have a tank the size of a fridge given their size and numbers.... but I had no idea their tank now seems like a penthouse compared to the jacked up studio they were in when I brought them home.

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There was some black sand in the old tank that I kept in case the eco system needed it.... I also got some cool smallish rocks.


All fake but pretty cool looking. Couple that look cool in the black light.




Black light every other night, dark alternate nights and regular light days.


I got two smaller filters that are amazing. Totally not fancy but they work great and easy to clean.


Love oscars but cant put in my tank soon as i got another tank 60 gallon min purchasing oscar
yes, those are Oscars. Great story, good for them that you rescued them. Yes, they need large tanks, but the current on is way better than what they had before, as you said. Well done :)