A Colorful Collection of Discus

A Colorful Collection of Discus

After the "Crash of 2005" in our 20 gallon tank, I decided to do some Discus homework first before trying again. Since then, we decided to get a larger tank, have better filtration, and get an RO unit. Things have been going really great now, and the fish are very happy... which of course makes me very happy. There is nothing more horrible than seeing these beautiful fish die one by one because of lack of patience... I learned my lesson.

36x20x13 cm (9 l / 2 gallons) posted in American










Sorry, just found out they're American, too bad they look so cool.
I’m new so excuse my ignorance!!! These fish look so cool. I have a tank of African Cichlids. Are Discus American Cichlids of African? I would love to get some, but because I have a African tank I can’t get them if there American.
I have been thinking of sitting up my 125gal. for discus. this picture convinces me, I hope to have as good of a turnout as yours.
What beautiful discus! Do you have 5 total? I have 4 discus, 2 geophagus jurapari and 1 teacup stingray in a 56 gallon. I wanted to put in another discus but wasn't sure if I should.
Just a very good piece of advice here....... Do the Kings a favor: At MINIMUM, put them in a 75g for now. They will need atleast a 125g - 150g before the year is up.
we all learn the hard way!! nice and healty symphysodons but, if you want an advice, get a bigger tank than 40 gal for those``aquarium kings`( 15 or 20 gal per fish is the best for discus)