46 gallon Bow front With Undergravel Jets

46 gallon Bow front With Undergravel Jets

This 46 gallon has to undergravel jet, not filters. The jets keep a constant flow of water on the bottom surface of the tank creating a clean and colonized gravel bed. The Jets have a pre-filter that easily will slide off for cleaning. This does not mean I do not have to clean gravel, there is no substitute, this only helps keep tank healthier and is a great DIY.

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A muddy look from fine crushed gravel.


All plastic


Real and Fake driftwood, wanted to give impression of a small stream or river bed to go w/ water current. Also have a Green LED light you can see in the top middle of the tank. I use this for night veiwing, I have some cats in their also...



Stock Lighting, one Ballast (13hrs.)


Emperor 400 with Both Media Baskets filled with Cell Pore Bio Media, some really great biological filtration. Also the Jets with pre-filters, a great mechanical and biological filter. (13hrs.)


Great Job Travis
Nice one buddy..
Perdeep, it is a tank example. Fish are smaller and I do not like to Stock tons of fish in 46g's of water. There is a pic of my Texas Cichlid in the small post of tank, you can click and view larger size.
i like it really nice lay out but cant see any fish lol