The Cichlid Combo

The Cichlid Combo

I've been waiting years to set up my own tank, put in whatever fish I want, arrange it the way I want. I grew up on my father's African tank, so I never had much say in what would be going into the tank. (I just got to clean it for him) Now that I have my own, I got all of my childhood cichlids, plus all of the ones we could never seem to get a handle on (aggression wise). I love having all the different species and colors all in one tank. The aggression level is rather mild in the tank, I have overstocked the tank quite a bit. Hope you enjoy!!! ------- Update: We have fry!!! My Pseudo has been holding and she has released 9 babies. They are in the breeder right now and all are doing great. ------- 11/29/5 - My largest Lemon Yellow female is holding, looks like more fry are on the way!!! ------- 12/4/5 - MORE breeding going on, the parrots in the other tank laid eggs. I'm going to have to turn my house into a full aquarium. ------- 12/7/5 - 11 Lemon Yellow fry were born and they are all in the breeder. My Pseudo Saulosi is now holding and it really looks like my Pseudo Demasoni has something in her mouth too, I'm gonna keep checking on her but she might be holding also. ------- 12/15/5 - Well, good and bad news today... Lost a couple Lemon Yellow fry and a couple Pseudo fry from the first batch. But, we have now sixteen more Pseudo fry from the Saulosi. Wish us luck! ------- 12/21/5 - It looks like a couple of fry somehow squeezed out of the breeder while I was at work, now down to 14 from the original 16 we had. I moved all of the fry now to a small tank... we got 30 total fry in it. ------- 12/3/6 - My fish decided to start off the New Years with a lot of "You Know What" Noticed my Electric Blue is mating in a cave and right in a cave above that, my two Orange Zebras were mating also. So far the female zebra looks like she has a lot of eggs, but nothing yet with my Electric Blue.

48x20x15 cm (14 l / 4 gallons) posted in African




White Gravel



Lace Rocks, Couple Pieces of Drift Wood



DayLight and Blue Actinic


Rena Filstar XP3, & Whisper Tetra 60 & Whisper Tetra 40 & Whisper 30


Thanks for all the comments. Yes, this is my tank and I do have an account at too.
what?.....i saw this tank on sware i saw it up on that site for months!....sooo is this actually your tank? like seriously..i seen this exact pic a long time ago?
your tank is obviously an envy to many others...well i truely agree your tank..mine i always have problem with water hardness and pH...well congrats...
your tank is obviously an envy to many others...well i truely agree your tank..mine i always have problem with water hardness and pH...well congrats...
Well done.I thimk over-crowding is good w/africans seems to ease agression.How do you remove fry?Don't they have prob. with re-entry?
Eh, Hi again. I left a comment like a year ago but now I have a new one. I got the 90 gallon tank and have had it now for almost a year. It's nicely set up, but I certainly think it could use some plant life... I'll have some pictures of it soon. Some of my Cichlids are breeding, but a great mystery has resulted. The Fry have the body shape of my Cherokee Cichlids (I think that's what there called) but the same pattern as my Julidochromis Marliari... once I have pictures of the oldest offspring could you identify them. Could they be hybrids?
I want to have that kind of tank. Very beautiful!!!! But sad to say I cant imitate the design coz i only have a 20 gallon tank. huhuhu. Anyway, 100 thumbs up to you!!!!! Great job!!!
Nice! I hope your little lelupeis and brichardis dont get picked on too much by the bigger guys. You have any Kenyis in this tank? I have one that is just plain nasty! He eliminated my lelupei :(
your tank is crystal clear however i count at 20 fish in this little tank. your fish will never get the opportunity to fully mature in this cramped tank.
this tank is beautiful I am begging to set one up like this. What kind of rock do you use. How do the mbuna treat the front. And last what PH do you have because u have those blood parrots? Last your tank is absolutely orgasmic... jk i like fish but not like that but its pretty nice Please respond Marcus