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I realize this is not a cichlid tank but thought you might find it of interest.

I have been puttsing with this 45 gallon tank for a while and have it to the point where I am almost ready to finish it. I have some firebelly toads and a whites tree frog going in it I will also be adding some live bearers.
posted by: Nick Spinelli

Aug 31st, 2007
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bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2007/08/31 04:30 am
Hi Nick, What did you use for the tank divider? Syrofoam/polystyrene? Have you tested it out yet? If so does do a good job of keeping the dry side dry? If it is styrofoam, could I get away with using a thinner piece of it? Did you use aquarium silicone to keep the divider in place? I have been wanting to make one for my fire belly toad. Also, I thought no other frog/toad could be kept with the fire belly toad because of the toxins it gives off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
THE chuck » posted 2007/08/31 06:11 am
bip is right, dont keep firebelly toad(bombina)with any other herps...toxic! white's are ok....maybe along with a little lizard, green anole is easy to keep(males white's treefrogs sings LOUD so be ready for some sleeplessnights!)
Nick Spinelli » posted 2007/08/31 04:55 pm  
I used aquarium safe silicone and styrofoam for a divider. You could use 2" if you want I just happened accross a piece of 4". It does stay dry on the dry side. I used colored parging mix and sprinkled fine gravel on it to give it the realistic look. I have had my whites tree frog and my Firebelly toads together for a long time in a 30 gallon tank, and the guy I got them from had them together for 3 or 4 years before me. Oh and btw the frog has toxins as well. It is my understanding that all amphibians can exude toxins through their skin to some degree if they are stressed.
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2007/09/01 05:53 am  
Thanks for the info Nick. What is a colored parging mix? What does it do, where can I get it, is it a kit of some sort? And if you used it to sprinkle fine gravel on, would spreading silicone over the styrofoam then dipping it in or sprinkling the fine gravel over it have somewhat the same effect?
Nick Spinelli » posted 2007/09/01 09:23 am  
The parging mix is a grout, cement based mixture. You can get it in assorted colors. I used a light brown almost creamy color and sprikled fine aquarium gravel on it when it was still wet. You should be able to purchase it at any hard ware/building supply outlet. You can also use sanded tile grout.

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