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I just had to post this pic
I just had to post this pic
I just had to post this pic
Ok so my 10 month old daughter loves to talk to my 2ft+ giant gourami and i finally got a photo this morning :)
posted by: Michael Read

Apr 3rd, 2008
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R Kizel » posted 2008/04/03 10:57 pm
that is the biggest gourami i have ever seen!
Shaun O'Connor » posted 2008/04/03 10:59 pm
Hybrid gourami/whale?
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/03 11:02 pm
yo that big thing can eat her man !!! WOW
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/03 11:02 pm  
lol Hybrid gourami/whale?
no he is a true giant gourami :)
Christie & Joe » posted 2008/04/03 11:02 pm
Great picture! Huge fish!!
michael gilchrist » posted 2008/04/03 11:03 pm
OMG!!! thats huge!..what size of tank is he a 250?
Rolando DFL » posted 2008/04/03 11:04 pm
wow, what a pic
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/03 11:05 pm  
what does she tell him ??
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/03 11:08 pm  
Ok he lives in 1200 litre tank which is around 317 gallons, tank measures 8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft
I will do a short video of him later let u all know where to view it :)
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2008/04/03 11:12 pm
Great picture.. Cute baby, and nice fish..
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/03 11:12 pm  

Wat does it eat? or who?
Alex Odesit » posted 2008/04/03 11:20 pm
amazing picture. A + for keeping true Giant Gourami
brian cochran » posted 2008/04/03 11:20 pm
WOW!!!! Now that is a BIG fish... cool shot..
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/03 11:40 pm  
He eats cherry tomatos, cucumber, zuchinni, blocks of blood worm, carrot, strawberries, earth worms, super size cichlid pellets umm yeah he eats anything :)
James Riggs » posted 2008/04/04 12:02 am
amazing fish. You need a "beware of fish" sign for your front door!
Frank Donato » posted 2008/04/04 12:15 am
Kay Bee19 » posted 2008/04/04 12:17 am
michael diaz » posted 2008/04/04 12:37 am
Very cute!
*Christian* :o) » posted 2008/04/04 12:39 am
WOW.............! Nice pic
Aaron B » posted 2008/04/04 12:48 am
:O M-O-N-S-T-E-R!!!! Very nice!
robert johnson » posted 2008/04/04 12:58 am
thats pretty rad biggest asian gourami i've seen he would be near 20 years old ? a lfs near me has one thats 16 years old in a farly small tank for him i like yours
***kylie *** » posted 2008/04/04 01:03 am
THATS IS THE BIGGEST GOURAMI I HAVE EVER SEEN.. awesome great tank great fish and the cutet little girl...
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 01:20 am  
Well actually he is only 10 yrs old (that i have been told anyway) :)
He spent his whole life in this 8ft tank as a display fish in a pet store until i bought him & his home when the store closed down so he lives in my lounge room.
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2008/04/04 02:01 am
Massive! Love the interaction between the baby and the fish.
karrie edwards » posted 2008/04/04 02:01 am
joshua castillo » posted 2008/04/04 02:03 am
robert johnson » posted 2008/04/04 02:10 am
yer well your one must off got that big because of the tank size the one at my lfs in in a 5ft tank
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 02:14 am  
As i mentioned earlier, the tank is 8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft and holds 1200 litres (317 gallons) of water
matty c » posted 2008/04/04 02:16 am
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 02:17 am  
Well the more space these fish get the bigger they grow, he wont be getting any bigger in the tank he is in i hope :)
joshua weeks » posted 2008/04/04 05:24 am
THE chuck » posted 2008/04/04 05:36 am
great pic
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 08:08 am  
Ok here is a little vid i did tonite of my little girl playing with the big guy :)
Scott Fisher » posted 2008/04/04 08:22 am
omg .. he could take her whole arm in his mouth ... very cute video ... she was doin some talkin ..
jon amman » posted 2008/04/04 08:24 am
WOW ! Great shot.
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2008/04/04 08:49 am
awesome pic and fish. i saw some at toronto zoo that were this big.
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 08:58 am  
Sadly u dont see these big guys much anymore :(
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2008/04/04 12:08 pm
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2008/04/04 12:12 pm
They are all over my area. U.S. Boy best pic I've seen in a while. Amazing.
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2008/04/04 12:13 pm  
That Bala Shark is really big too.
fourdell kidson » posted 2008/04/04 12:25 pm
Frank Shortt » posted 2008/04/04 12:52 pm
matty c » posted 2008/04/04 02:27 pm
this pic beats the 1 i posted with my girl and knife fish ,that gourami is awsome, good pic
scott king » posted 2008/04/04 02:36 pm
man that is awsome.
When is he going into the pan?? J/K
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/04 04:53 pm
Nice video there that thing is HUGE!!! did u saw the RT fighting other cichlid on the back!
justin graham » posted 2008/04/04 04:55 pm
One word MONSTER
Michael Read » posted 2008/04/04 08:07 pm  
The little festae in the video was fighting with my male fenestratus & the bala shark is 40cm long.
Anyone who wants to see the video can find it here.¤t=MVI_2635.flv
Martin Verduzco » posted 2008/04/04 08:09 pm
WOW what a monster
Shawn Williams » posted 2008/04/04 08:15 pm
That's insane!
Shawn Williams » posted 2008/04/04 08:16 pm  
The IRLs aren't working for me. :(
aaron blank » posted 2008/04/04 08:18 pm
i have to agree with the first posting that thing is flippin huge
Martin Verduzco » posted 2008/04/04 08:19 pm  
same here Shawn
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/04 08:21 pm  
Martinsinho how u want this with jabaneros or jalapeƱos lol
Denise Cruz » posted 2008/04/04 08:33 pm
That is the cutest picture I have seen.
John Young » posted 2008/04/04 11:25 pm
Niquey B » posted 2008/04/06 12:53 am
jason urquhart » posted 2008/04/06 01:39 am
Brandon Compton » posted 2008/04/09 09:45 pm  
Susan Flowers » posted 2008/04/25 07:08 pm
Michael, may I ask, where did you find a tank that size?? I have an albino giant that is quickly out growing her 75gal. Thanks!
(anonymous) » posted 2008/06/21 02:57 am
tony henderson » posted 2009/11/07 04:08 pm
no matter how old this pic is ,its worth another post
mo beats » posted 2009/11/07 04:12 pm
amazing, how does the pic of the hour work? is it random?
tony henderson » posted 2009/11/07 04:14 pm  
ya as far as i know,this pic really cool though
mo beats » posted 2009/11/07 04:20 pm  
oh yea,what i call dream tank
Angel Foster » posted 2009/11/07 05:07 pm
I'd have never guessed that's a gourami
Monis Bukhari » posted 2009/11/07 06:04 pm
jason pham » posted 2009/11/23 03:20 am  
awww what a cute baby and what an impressive fish by anyone's standards ^_^
matthew sales » posted 2010/05/16 12:23 am  
nice fish and tank. do you have to get your scuba gear out to do a water change!!!!
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/05/16 12:26 am
Patrick Trow » posted 2011/02/09 09:26 pm  
That's a monster!
Chris Bradbury » posted 2011/02/09 09:33 pm
Looks like the one's I see at Toronto zoo!! lol that guy is massive@!!
hannes kloppers » posted 2011/08/12 07:45 am
Joey Solomon » posted 2011/12/28 10:53 pm
Danaraj Sekar » posted 2012/04/29 10:52 pm
God need a new link for the to see the guy...btw nice tank and GG!
Kim Sampson » posted 2012/08/27 10:04 pm
Tina and Andy » posted 2012/12/12 02:56 pm
col phelps » posted 2015/03/21 08:54 pm

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