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Tank examples: 46 gallon bowfront
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46 gallon bowfront

by chris luciano from staten island / USA


  • Category: Lake Malawi
  • Tank size: 12x38x21 inches = 41 gallons
  • Tank size: 30x96x53 cm = 155 liters

    46 gallon bowfront .Mix of paired cichlids. have had babys 4 times fish size around 4" 5"

    16 babys total


  • Gravel: natural river sand
  • Plants: plastic/ LIVE

    stone, ceramic


  • Light: led white /blue
  • Light-Duration: 12 hours total night and day
  • Filtration: fluval 306, chemi pure,2 pieces water polishing pad,2 pieces blue/white filter media, 1-3" 12" piece of polly pad. bio balls ceramic rings

    monthly 30% water change my water is aleays perfect
    amonia 0ppm,nitrite0ppm,nitrate 5.0,ph 8.2 .

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Latest comments:
Devonta Smith

James I beg to differ, this is a true RT and not a Myan cichlid.if you look
Devonta Smith

James I beg to differ, this is a true RT and not a Myan cichlid.if you look
James Martin

That's not a festae. It's actually a uropthalmus. Called (incorrectly)
Devonta Smith

Thanks cichlid i-am. The females are very nice!
cichlid i-am

nyce, I have a young hopefully female growing out in a 20g long. great look
James Martin

A very nice specimen. Unusual for a Mylochromis. Most of them have a diag
James Martin

I'd say it is. It's a female so it won't get the bright colors.