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Tank examples: Suicide Squad
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Suicide Squad

by Randall Holmes from MODESTO / USA


  • Category: African
  • Tank size: 46x24x12 inches = 57 gallons
  • Tank size: 116x60x30 cm = 215 liters

    We have 2 red jewels, 2 convicts, a OB peacock, a flower horn, a cross breed between a flower horn and a red devil, a green terror, a rainbow shark and a fire eel..


  • Gravel: Gravel covering the bottom of the tank
  • Plants: Amazon sword

    Some slate rocks and some other rocks where they have their hiding places


  • Light:
  • Light-Duration:
  • Filtration: Two power heads with under gravel filtration

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chris luciano

really eleglant you did a beautiful job the best of luck to you
chris luciano

really nice tank
chris luciano

like those rocks
chris luciano

really like this tank setup
chris luciano

really nice tank dont have to be big to be beautiful
chris luciano

really nice rock work
chris luciano

cool idea