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Tank examples: Suicide Squad
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Suicide Squad

by Randall Holmes from MODESTO / USA


  • Category: African
  • Tank size: 46x24x12 inches = 57 gallons
  • Tank size: 116x60x30 cm = 215 liters

    We have 2 red jewels, 2 convicts, a OB peacock, a flower horn, a cross breed between a flower horn and a red devil, a green terror, a rainbow shark and a fire eel..


  • Gravel: Gravel covering the bottom of the tank
  • Plants: Amazon sword

    Some slate rocks and some other rocks where they have their hiding places


  • Light:
  • Light-Duration:
  • Filtration: Two power heads with under gravel filtration

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Alexander Langer

and welcome back :)
Alexander Langer

looks great!
abhilash mukherjee

its a tilapia i guess
Alexander Langer

no idea, sorry
Alexander Langer

welcome back :-) nice group. great to hear they're doing fine w/o aggres
Alexander Langer

nice shot
Alexander Langer