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Tank examples: 100 gal. Mix
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100 gal. Mix

by Ernest Walbert from Satellite Beach / USA


  • Category: African
  • Tank size: 19x60x20 inches = 98 gallons
  • Tank size: 48x152x50 cm = 370 liters

    2 Labidochromis Caeruleus
    3 Metriaclima Estherae
    1 Powder Blue
    4 Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei"
    30 Pseudotropheus Demasoni
    4 Pseudotropheus johannii
    3 Pundamilia nyererei
    1 Synodontis Catfish
    2 Tropheus sp. "Red" (Moliro)


  • Gravel: Geo-Marine Florida Crushed Coral 80 lbs.(Replacing soon w/ pool filter sand)
    Removed coral and added 100 lbs pool filter sand
  • Plants: Fake

    River Rock 200 lbs.


  • Light: 48" Coralife Aqualight Dual T5 Lamp lighting fixture w/ 10K and Actinic Blue
  • Light-Duration: 12hrs 11:00am-11pm
  • Filtration: (2) Optimized Aquaclear 70
    (1)Sunsun HW 303B 4-Stage External Canister Filter w/ pre-filter sponge at the intake

    Undergravel Jets w/ 6 Outlets
    (2)Rio Plus 2100 Aqua Pump w/ pre-filter sponges

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chris luciano

really eleglant you did a beautiful job the best of luck to you
chris luciano

really nice tank
chris luciano

like those rocks
chris luciano

really like this tank setup
chris luciano

really nice tank dont have to be big to be beautiful
chris luciano

really nice rock work
chris luciano

cool idea