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Tank examples: New 6ft
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New 6ft

by Anthony Croft from Johannesburg / ZAF
In the hobby since 2006.


  • Category: African
  • Tank size: 71x17x21 inches = 118 gallons
  • Tank size: 182x45x55 cm = 450.45 liters

    460l (125Gal)

    1 * Marble peacok
    1 * Venustus
    1 * Frontosa
    1 * Tyre track eel
    2 * Clown loach (2 died...)
    1 * White top afra
    2 * Yellow Lab
    2 * Labidochromis zebra
    1 * Red Zebra
    1 * Blue Zebra
    2 * White Zebra
    2 * Pleco's

    I stand to be corrected if some names or types are wrong...


  • Gravel: black and white, small, coarse
  • Plants: 4 plastic plants

    Rocks, driftwood, background


  • Light:
  • Light-Duration: 10 hrs
  • Filtration: 1 resun 1200 canister, 2 filters in tank lid. (came with the tank)

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Luke Blackburn » posted 2009/06/11 07:06 pm
Wes St. Jean » posted 2009/07/10 10:06 pm
Looks great ..
karrie edwards » posted 2009/07/10 11:38 pm
nice tank
Eric Molina » posted 2009/07/11 07:56 pm
Really nice i like
Phil S. » posted 2009/07/11 10:22 pm  
Driftwood in an African tank? CL in an African tank?!
terance voorhies » posted 2009/07/12 09:56 am
i have drift wood in mine also i like the look
Phil S. » posted 2009/07/12 07:42 pm  
You may like the look, but your fish wont. African's need high pH levels and driftwood makes the water soft and drops pH.
Jerry Goebert » posted 2009/07/12 08:11 pm
Much of the actual lake and islands have trees, so its not bad. Just add a bit extra buffer when you change water and test the PH regularly till you have a feel for any fluxuations.
Wes St. Jean » posted 2009/07/12 09:07 pm
Hey Phil.. If you use chemi-pure as a filter media, as many of us do.. your ph and hardness stay constant.. You would have to load that tank to the tits with wood and do no water changes to make that much difference anyways.. if you do proper water changes, Wood is ok. I buse wood in my peacock tank and my PH is always perfect!!!
Klamz dej » posted 2010/02/03 04:57 am
Wayne Liddell » posted 2010/02/07 09:39 am
Good job

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Sammy Ramos

Alexander Langer

cool, awesome shot!
Alexander Langer

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Hello Diana, welcome to the site :-) Nice shot!
Alexander Langer

welcome back to the hobby :)
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cool, good to hear. nice selection
Alexander Langer

already a beauty