DIY aquarium background | by Grant Cassar
Grant Cassar
The 48" X 18" DIY aquarium stand | by Juan P
Juan P
Easter Bulletin Board  Patty and I did this for our Church. | by Roger Hopper
Roger Hopper
My yorkie Tyke and a baby pygmy goat | by Bev Armand
Bev Armand
HUGE Black Adonis Pleco | by undefined
10g Planted Red Cherry Shrimp Tank | by Brian Tatum
Brian Tatum
large black ghost knife fish | by shiva c
shiva c
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!!! | by bip_ 4u
bip_ 4u
I'm Back!!  | by bip_ 4u
bip_ 4u
Soft Shell turtle  | by Chris Ames
Chris Ames
Albino Bristlenose Pleco | by Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson
blue crayfish eating a veggie pellet | by Justin Deans
Justin Deans
dinosaur eel | by undefined
Peckoltia vittata L 015 - Candy Striped Pleco (Xingu) | by Bronislav Varil
Bronislav Varil
Cari's guppy fry growing tank | by WAYNE BUGERA
iridescent shark  | by Andrew Banks
Andrew Banks
common pleco? | by Dan Noon
Dan Noon
some bad news | by Dan Noon
Dan Noon
XO HUMPY HEAD for my flowerhorn | by Tirthabrata Panja
Tirthabrata Panja
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!!!! | by bip_ 4u
bip_ 4u
Mixed African Cichlids | by ben veasey
ben veasey
55- Gallon-Afra Tank-Kingsizei | by Mark & Kathy Lindamood
Mark & Kathy Lindamood
Maleri (Chidunga Rocks) | by Roger Hopper
Roger Hopper
Checkboard Discus | by Kevin Nanaumi
Kevin Nanaumi
Lake Malawi Chichlid Tank | by Karl Coombs
Karl Coombs
150 Gallon African Cichlid Tank. | by James Martin
James Martin
Green Terror Male ~New addition | by **Lirpa **Campbell**
**Lirpa **Campbell**
55gal with Oscar, Cichlids(2), Plecostimus(algae eater) | by undefined
Tropheus Duboisi and Cyphotilapia Frontosa | by todd johnson
todd johnson
My son's new 90 gal fancy goldfish tank | by Vincent Steen
Vincent Steen
Frontosa Blue Kipili wild | by adrian lovack
adrian lovack
Male German Blue Ram | by Donna M
Donna M
Dual tropheus | by undefined
black calvus | by todd johnson
todd johnson
My Tanganyika Tank | by Alexander Langer
Alexander Langer
golden emperor flowerhorn | by caretagunz !!
caretagunz !!
my breeding tank  mixed af cichlids  | by phillip manske
phillip manske
Updated , 1 year later | by Mark & Kathy Lindamood
Mark & Kathy Lindamood
Demasoni fry (few weeks old) | by Kay Bee19
Kay Bee19
American Cichlid Tank | by Red Terror
Red Terror