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A gifted tank

I was gifted this tank at the office and after cutting the weir and messing around with the filter it became home to the cichlids I had at home. I had to move them because the in tank filter at home FELL OFF! That’s right it just fell off one day and totally left me thinking about the quality of the tank I bought for 1,000 rmb. Anyway this tank had been running for 4 weeks and I had no other option but to bag my fish and move them. Later I noticed that one of the Cichlids was very aggressive towards the others to the point of the others jumping out the tank. In February I went traveling and then the virus hit the world witch left me separated from my little buddy for nearly 5 months. The water in the tank had all but evaporated and the pump was burned out, he hadn’t eaten for a long time but he was still there (smaller than I remember) I did a bit of research and I suspect this could be a Saulosi Mbuna but I’m not so sure. I will post a picture of the suspect I now call robofish because he is like a robot.

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Could anyone help me add another picture to this post?
Cannot add more pictures to this post, sorry. But you can convert it into a tank and then add more pics.