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Wild Childs


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Lovely tiger oscar and albino tiger oscar,, amazing fishes love them,,!!!! But my red devil and zzshort body flowern dont. Make him survive i got one and had to donate it right away
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Wow so they are Oscars... I want to learn more they are so cool.
They are good, just dont start to give them live gold fish they get sick and die!! Give them pallets, oscars grow very fast others grow inc a month oscar is 3x faster i believe their max size is between 6-12 inches combined male and female....they are massive but if u keep same size c/a cichlids he is not strong try to keep them by their self and try one male only... u put them with green terror or red devil jack dempsey they they way 100x stronger jaw. Oscars are big and sensitive do research
good advice
Yea i hate when people feed them with feeder gold fish its like you pushing your fish to slow death,, u want live feeding get worms but pallets or flakes more heathier and helps grow them faster, you can give once a month live foor,,, by the way when you start to give them live food you start to raise their aggression if thats your plan and have a world war fish in your tank fo ahead, it will be hunger game part fish tank