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very confused

o.k., this product is very confusing. the instructions say to maintain normal filtration (carbon??) and there is no warning for scaless fish (loaches). if used should the carbon be removed? it states carbon at least 5 days old is o.k. and then should loaches be removed?? thanks so much in advance for any help. pic from a pet store site

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sorry never used this I use Aquari-sol by Aquarium Products & never have any problems nor any ick either .
thanks vince. yea, i am kinda confused. the fish in my 125 r going through a ruff time. they r all rubbing and twitching and shaking, but there is no visible parasite and my water parameters r all good. the last time i did a water change i did add salt and new rocks. i have never added the salt, so i thought maybe that was it. then i thought maybe the rock changed the water chemistry, but it was just sandstone and holey rock. i did take out all the new rock though and did a water change to dilute some of the salt. the next day the fish were freaking out even worse. i had some of this medicine so i put it in. but like i said the directions go against everything i know. carbon usually takes out meds and no meds in full strenght r usually good for loaches. so yea...confused!
Sarah I've used Aquari-sol for 35 yrs+ as a preventive & never had a problem with loaches but it does harm crayfish a little but I don't keep them anymore . I wouldn't use anything that I wasn't sure of .
so do you have any idea what might be making my fish act this way??
salt will make them scratch a little at first but doesn't last long . all fish scratch from time to time . you may want to check your chlorine remover to see if it removes chloramines (chlorine + ammonia), a new compound some water treatment plants are using , which will burn & make the fish act this way. I lost a great number of fish , right after water changes,to that compound here the first time they used it here .
o.k. vince, i can do that. i do use the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Coat water conditioner, but i'm not sure of it takes that out. i am gonna look now.
o.k., i looked and the stuff i use takes that out.
sarah i use this stuff. just had some ick in the tank from the lil cuban. this works really well. dont know bout its effect on loaches, dont think it will hurt them tho. put it in the tank with my crawfish and hes fine. its basically a copper solution, dont think it will hurt scaleless fish.
thanks so much for the info kyle! i am really nervous, just want them to be alright.
when I use it I take out the carbon. Be careful with the dose if your water is soft it can cause the ph to shift downward. Just monitor your ph while your treating them. It treats african and american cichlids with out any problems. I have read that it can kill inverts, hurt scaleless fish and I think it can hurt live plants too.