update on my motaguensis | by Miguel Salazar

update on my motaguensis

Is this a motaguensis.. its 2 1/2 inches with alot of blue on the face...


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Has anyone seen a motaguensis like this one?
Yes I have seen them look like this I would say yes that it's a motaguensis
Oh thanks i just wanted to check cuz it looks so different to all the other pictures i seen in the internet. I have not a seen a single picture like mine..
It looks like one that I had about 5-6 years ago but I can't find my pictures of it . I lost a lot of pictures since I have moved twice since having them
But it's also 2 1/2 inches so give it time
How long did you have yours? Is it worth keeping? In your experience is it better than a jag or dovii? As males? I also have a jag in the tank its a little smaller and it hides from the motaguensis...
Male I'm guesing nice 2.can't wait for mine 2 grow
I would definitely keep it but I can't compare I never had jags or dovii. I like jags umbis and dovii just never kept them
Hopefully he will be a nice one...
i had a pair of mota's. they were very aggressive. i had to get rid of the jag and dempsey i had with them. they were evil little sob's. well worth it though. i wish i still had them.