the 16 inc male red devil | by alden praptono

the 16 inc male red devil


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that fish is disturbing.. soo many buldges, looks like it is on steroides.
looks hybridise looks cool though. (notice i'm not Disgrading ur fish dont take it offensive)
He's scary on screen, wouldn't want to meet him in person, do you still have all your fingers? Beautiful fish anyway
dude take a picture with your hand infront of his face in the water... lol
Amazing fish...
lol... thx all, he is my friend's fish. I took this picture on yesterday. I don't know whether he gives steorides or no, but i often knew he gave it small fishes as the feed
THAT THING IS A HOSS!!!!!! good lord! thats the kinda fish that wont just bite your arm, he'll rip it off jump out the water and beat u with it:o) DANG!
thank all, yea.. this fish really a monster, but with his big body, i don't know whether he can jump out or not :D
Holy Crap.
Does he play well with other, I take it NO! Good looking Fish, love the color
yea, i don't sure he will live peacefully with others. for this reason he's single life in the tank
He's Massive!!!! His color is fabulous. What size tank is he in? Looks like he is just above bottom of the tank and just below water level. LMAO Brian. That's one fish I wouldn't want to piss off.
A Great One . . . :D
love this big guy.
this is my friend's fish Bip, and I think the tank is too small for this huge fish... the reason may be this guy must not be mixed with other fishes in one tank..
Certainly not if you like the fish he'd put in with it. lol
holy cow.. now that is a "RED" Devil.. haven't seen em more redder than this one.. what a monster!! what does ur friend do for this guys color?? any ideas?
Looks more like a Midas to me but outstanding fish either way. Definetly needs a bigger tank though.
hi Korah, I don't know what really he does to this coloration. but, he told me that nothing special treatment for this fish. as for other cichlids, he gives shrimps, small fish and some common man made feed. yes Aaron, I'll thank if you're ok to tell me bout the differences of midas and red devil, or others will inform me... it'll very nice information. thanks
Alden, Midas (Amphilophus citrinellus) and Red Devil (Amphilophus labiatus) are VERY closly related and often interbreed in the trade. The long face and lack of a "snout" as seen on this fish are more indicative of a Midas
nuce Alden!!!how do you get your fish to look so vibrant???
thanks Aaron for info, that is good for us in identifying bout midas or red devil
Good lookin' Cit. Just a shame about his living conditions.
Shrimp in the diet is good for red colors. Krill too.
wow nice
Now that is a picture to remember. I have never seen a red devil this large or with this much coloration. WAy to go.
check this one out guys
This is the most elaborate fish I have ever seen. I love it. I want to own it soooo bad.
Big ass fish. looks full of lard. mouth disproportionately small. PS if that fish dies, how would u net it? or clean the tank with him in it? would he attack?
Niiice! Do you still have the red texas?