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strawberry peacock
strawberry peacock
strawberry peacock
Aulonocara hybrids
bad picture
posted by: steven vinci

Oct 29th, 2007
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Alex Jackson » posted 2007/10/29 11:30 pm
These are one of my absolute favorite fish. Very nice and astounding color.

Karrie, if you see this, i've just set up a 55 and have begun to get it organized. If your still getting rid of som of your strawberry peacocks, i would be more than happy to provide some of them to a good home.

Joining them would be various fry (very small as well) of kenyi, msobo, and others to make a good addition to the tank.

If not thats ok too.
kyle jackson » posted 2007/10/29 11:33 pm
stunning fish
karrie edwards » posted 2007/10/29 11:39 pm
Hey alex, i still have lots of my fry, and they are turning out nice. Nice fish!
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2007/10/30 02:12 am
Nice but not as pretty as karrie's
karrie edwards » posted 2007/10/30 02:30 am  
well ty roger, i kind of like this one better, lol! ;)
karrie edwards » posted 2007/10/30 02:31 am  
How are you feeling? How is patty?
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2007/10/30 04:04 am
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2007/10/30 09:07 am
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/10/30 12:43 pm
Nice. You need a Chinese algae eater though.
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2007/10/30 12:45 pm  
Why do you say that Nathan? you doing ok buddy?
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/10/30 12:47 pm  
Ya, I'm good. I see your doing well. I say that because I see some of that brown algae. Chinese algae eaters will eat that stuff up.
Jennifer Morford » posted 2007/10/30 08:56 pm
Very pretty! I got to see one of these guys for the first time this week at my local fish store. They had about 50 of them. Are they aggressive or pretty laid back?
steven vinci » posted 2007/11/02 02:53 am  
Jennifer: this guy owns the tank, but he doesnt cause problems. he's kinda like a mean grandpa who likes to yell a lot.
steven vinci » posted 2007/11/02 03:02 am  
Nathan: I DO have a brown algae problem. it literally started overnight. i recently added two tropheus in hopes that they would graze on it a bit... but i have another problem: i use Kent Cichlid Chemistry and Kent Cichlid Buffer which leaves a suspension on the slate and substrate along with the algae. needless to say the tropheus arent so eager to gobble it down. any suggestions?
Mike . » posted 2007/11/03 01:32 am
great looking fish.
Allen » posted 2013/07/07 10:09 pm
nice color...

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

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I had a Blue one that was a killer, but this guy is a bit small to be a pro