silver arowana with mirror background | by 13 U L 12 O G

silver arowana with mirror background

the gt is in there but they seem fine there is also a divide made of egg crate but lil worm went right thru. if they fight lil worm might wanna go back to hide...lil worm is the aroanas name.lo0l


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Angel, I hope you got a huge tank..
Hey still waiting for the Raphaels.
If they fight the lil worm will be dead. Little Arowanas cant fight back and are vulnerable to aggressive cichlids.
Might want to cover the egg crate with plastic window screen until he gets a little bigger
soon roger. and the arowana can go thru the egg crate but the gt cant. he went after a piece of food on the other side and scratched its hump so i dont think he will try again. and i only keep fish till they get a foot then sell em or trade em.. so when he gets big who wants em?