side shot, male or female? gold sev. | by tonya norman

side shot, male or female? gold sev.


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there are also looks to be red spots or shades coming out on the sides of this sev but can't seem to be able to see it on pics... and i can't seem to get a good pic of him or her...
Tonya, I never had gold Severum, but base on my experience with various species of Heros, and looking at your fish head shape, it appears to me to be a male. I have seen many Heros sp. Santarem or Heros sp. Manaus, who never get red mask on their head even in fully adult age. I have one, Santarem without mask or dots, you can see it on many of my pictures (I call it Heros Apendiculatus)
thanx alex... i hope it is a male, either way i still like it alot, but was hoping for a male...
Def a male tonya, very nice, and hard to find!
thanx karrie :)
yw tonya