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red terror
red terror
red terror
Cichlasoma festae
posted by: amber bellinghausen

Sep 25th, 2006
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tonya norman » posted 2006/09/25 11:49 pm
Marc Ryan » posted 2006/09/26 12:17 am
Thats not a Festae, its uro ( the false red terror. )
Marc Ryan » posted 2006/09/26 12:34 am  
With festaes the first two verticle bars will join together, also the spot on the tail will be located on the top third. Hope that helps. I only give three smileys just because i don't like these fish. Also looks a little malnourished try fattening it up with some earthworms, snails and feeders.
Randy Tacotaco » posted 2006/09/26 02:10 am
nice Cichlid where can u buy that kind of Cichlid
amber bellinghausen » posted 2006/09/26 09:30 pm  
thanks for the comments i recently placed him in my brothers 125 tank because my oscar was eating all the live fish however he is not malnourished he eats like a king with krill shrimp moist pellets with krill etc.
amber bellinghausen » posted 2006/09/26 09:34 pm  
im upset if it is not a red terror cause i went to a nice fish store where they know there fish and paid a decent amount for him/her
Marc Ryan » posted 2006/09/26 11:00 pm  
I don't blame you, i'd be pissed to. Least now you know what to look out for.
tonya norman » posted 2006/09/27 01:37 am  
that is a true red terror, i looked up on for the false red terror and the spot on the tail is like a half circle this one is more full circle plus the color is more fainted then this one, go take a look at the site for the false red terror amber and then let us know what you think. but to me yours looks like true red terror sometimes fish can be a little stressed and will cause them to lose a bit of color plus the males of this species isnt as colorful as the females anyway
amber bellinghausen » posted 2006/09/27 11:28 am  
thanks Marc/Tonya for your input after looking at that site it is still questionable to me he/she seems to have a little of both fish full circle at tail / no two joining bars??? thank you again and either way i am happy with my fish I also have a texas/JD/ green terror/oscar and a godmani and no they are not in one tank. :)
Trenna Williams » posted 2006/09/27 06:42 pm
Marc Ryan » posted 2006/09/27 09:28 pm  
Could you post some pics of these fish.
Alex Odesit » posted 2006/09/28 12:56 am  
Its not a true Red Terror, Marc is correct
Belinda Muniak » posted 2006/10/01 02:13 am  
Hi Amber & Ryan. I don't have any Cichlids but I found this site with your names and I figured that I should say "Hello". If you are interested,email me and I'll email a picture of Kris (all grown up) Belinda
ron cowling » posted 2006/10/09 08:06 am  
I saw your other picture you posted of this fish, and I'm leaning towards the Uropthalimus. I can't see the eye too well in either photo, but if you see a black band that goes through the top of the yellow part of the eye as if he had an eyebrow that made him look mad he is a Uropthalimus. Most Festaes have pointed fin rays and will have some blue spangeling on thier tails as well. That doesn't mean that he is confirmed between the two. I like the eye method, it works for me quite well to tell them apart. It used to be that even avid aquarist would call a Uropthalimus a red terror. It easy for someone to confuse the two.
Travis Robbins » posted 2008/06/30 07:09 pm
change the name on your fish. hows his personality
Gabe Guzman » posted 2008/08/17 09:56 pm
I love the color of this fish and I also have one. I was told that the red terror you have is a female and can get really aggresive as they get bigger. I recently had to take mine out due to aggresiveness and nipping fins out of my other south american cichlids. Basicaly she was the dominant one in my 75 gallon tank. Fatten her up a bit but watch out if she doesnt eat because that was a sign that there was something wrong with mine before I pulled her out, and placed her in another tank. The female can grow up to 12inches n wont tolerate other cichlids from my experience with them.
Gabe Guzman » posted 2008/08/17 09:58 pm  
I'll send pictures as soon as i get my camera set up!
jerry bradley » posted 2008/10/09 12:22 pm  
nice fish but not a festae. i have wild festae so ill be offering real red terror f1s however unless you do youre research i wouldnt keep festae untill you have alot of experence with verry large and aggressive cichlids.
jerry bradley » posted 2008/10/09 12:27 pm  
ps go to rapps site and look up festae on his mail page those are wild adults that were collected when mine were but mine are only 7 inches. bottom line if you find a true festae expect to pay for it 5 dollar 1\2 fry and im going to sell f1s to eddy martin from blugrass aquatics what he doesnt buy will be up for bid.

the petshop sells theese for about 30 if you can find one
jerry bradley » posted 2008/10/09 12:44 pm  
i dont know if we can do this so please dont kick me out but this is a real festae but not mine i repeat i did not take or raise this fish or photograph but i have some on hole till the mess from ike is cleaned and my new fish room built
Rich Rhino » posted 2009/02/26 05:14 pm  
nice red terror
kenneth allen » posted 2009/04/02 08:22 pm
not at all a festae look at my pics for real deal
13 U L 12 O G » posted 2010/01/06 05:22 pm
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2012/04/20 03:51 pm

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Alexander Langer

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