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i just recently purchased some new acei's and i am pretty sure 1 of them has fin rot. i didn't notice anything when they first arrived so it was either really small at first, or it spread within a couple of hours. he has colapsed fins and he hangs at the top of the tank. he is already in my 75 gallon with my other fish. was wondering the course of action i should take and if i should be really freaked about it spreading to my other fish. any help would be great!!

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Sarah, do you have a pic of the fish? I haven't heard of fin rot speading so quickly, especially if you didn't notice any damage to his fins when you bought him. Was he getting picked on? Are his fins still fully there, or worn down? Are the other fish showing any signs? I would pull him out of the main tank and put him in a hospital tank, add salt to the water to start with. Not sure which meds you should use without knowing for sure what it is. I guess you could try the old stand-bys of Melafix (treats bacterial) and Pimafix (treats fungal).
hey bip, thanks for the info. i am going to try and get a pic of him. it hasn't spread to any of my other fish, i just don't want it to. it is weird though because i didn't see anything. he hasn't been picked on. just the normal chasing a new fish would get. his fins are still there, well, this morning they were. i'm at work now. it's like they are coated with a thick film or something. they are tattered though. the other fish aren't showing anything.