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hi everybody. i just recently put together a frontosa tank. i will be receiving my first 2 in the morning. i ordered them both on line. when i was searching today i found this little guy. a red front! i think he is great looking, but i was wondering if anybody had ever seen one in person. will he keep his red color??? any info would be great!!


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I've seen one in person they look like this.But these fish are not red by nature they dye them.
What Michael said,they are a made for the trade fish,ie- coloured so as to appeal to people so they sell. Not a fan at all.
I would not buy a fish that has been colored Sarah.
yea, i don't like buying any of the fish that are stained or painted, i think on top of everything else it is just mean. the people selling this fish claim the color is natural, well, as natural as it can be. they say it only happens in captivation. the site is if anybody wants to visit it.
These fish are not dyed I have to myself and they are great. These fish have red cause of wrong breeding. Most Frontosa breeders frown on the red frontosa. See my picture for your self
These fish are chemically treated.
To give them the red color.
First of all, I highly doubt this Front has been colored treated. Second, this looks like a juvenile fish. Often time, it is very difficult to determine what the true color is for juvenile fish since their color would change as they mature. I am sure more blue would appear as this fish gets bigger.
Simon,if you dont believe me look it up! their is the site.
Michael, thanks for the link. I do believe some are coloring their Frontosa. However, this one in particular looks more like a juvenile Front with fading color than the color treated red Front you guys are referring to.
A lot of people are buying , breeding & selling hybrid peacocks, fryeri , deformed sa's(parrots), & all types of hormone bred & fed fish . before long there won't be a true bloodline available. sad. in a lfs they had 1.75" full color & ex long finned peacocks . i kept an eye on them & by week 3 most had faded quite a bit . as long as people buy them there people still experimenting.
Well Simon only time will tell.
I remember those awful politically incorrect bubblegum parrot fish, luckily they came and gone pretty quickly cause they were just wrong. I highly against purchasing wild caught as well. Unless you're a professional breeder and you need wild caught to avoid inbreeding, no one should purchase them.
as long as people buy them there will be people still experimenting. sorry
Sarah, I have seen the "red" front in person and personally find that they fade into the tank. I have 9 fronts and I personally enjoy the very distinct colors they have. As far as them being dyed I would never buy them like that either. How big is your new front tank? How many do you plan to have in there?
hello everybody! i see this fish caused lots of chatting! i think i am going to just stick to the blue fronts. this little guy is kinda expensive too. he's only like an inch, inch and a half and like 40 bucks. i am actually getting my blues today. i am getting 2 of them and 2 inkfin clavus. so excited!!!!! :) they are going in my 75 gallon along with my electric blue that's already in there. i did a lot of moving around of the fish over the weekend!! finally have them the way i want! will post pics soon. :)