My Oscar has white poop and anal bulge!  | by amy1220

My Oscar has white poop and anal bulge!

HELP! Our Oscar had unusual white poop. Treated the tank with API General Cure for parasitic fish disease. After a full treatment our Oscar seemed fine. Was eating and socializing as normal. Couple days after treatment we seen white poop again only this time with an anal bulge as well as labored breathing. Now he's in a hospital tank. Anyone know what might be wrong?

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Ouch, that doesn't look good. I'd recommend to stop feeding him for a week, that might help to have him "settle" his digestion problems. Are you sure this isn't a parasite? (does it move?) Maybe re-do the treatment. Good luck!
No it wasn't moving. We had him in a hospital tank for a second treatment of API General Cure. He stopped eating on his own 3 days ago. Found him dead this morning.
Sorry to hear that :(