poor baby | by Marti and Matt

poor baby

Not sure what happened to her mouth but I think she got it caught in something. She is still able to eat (and try to breed). Have been treating her with antibiotics but it hasnt gotten better :(


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Sorry to hear this...love these guys. Hope it gets better soon. :) Long time no see....how have you been?
Oh I hate that..
Wonder what caused it. Hope it is 'fixable'. Good that she is still able to function.
yeah it is wierd because her snout looks transparent like she has a disease almost but I dont know any fish diseases that do that kinda thing and I know that she had been trying to breed inside a barnacle and maybe she got caught???? dont know but it has been like this for a couple months so Im thinking it might be permanent. She still functions though so that is good.
You know when your mom told you that if you keep making those faces it will freeze like that? I wonder if it's something like that. She yawned extra hard and long and it just froze? lol