pike | by joshua weeks


6in pike. i think its a strigata, but not 100% sure


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awesome josh! definatley a lugubris for sure a variant of strigata... Nice! keep the tankmates smaller than it's mouth and the tank big! looking forward to seeing it get big!
thanks for the info chris.
nice Pike..
hey josh I'm the guy who wants to trade fish you with you. We've been emailing the past few days. Great looking pike i did some asking and its venezuelan pike.if you click on my name i posted the gt and red head im looking to trade. If I new you were a member i would have came on here before. I dont know if you remember but you you bought a jag off me last year. I saw the midas you want to trade as well. How is his aggression and whats his size?
i remember you now. lol. the midas is a real sob, he's about 10in. cant really put anything in with him.
He's cool. Chris, Keep the tankmates smaller than his mouth? Is that a typo or does this pike go after bigger fish?