pic of peacock i like | by sarah maurath

pic of peacock i like

Wes, this is the one i was talking about. wish the fish was in the water!!!! have you ever heard of it??? here is the name: Aulonocara stuartgranti (usisya) albino pic from www.livefishdirect.com


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It does'nt look albino to me!! Beauty though!!
yea, i thought that was strange too! i just really like the colors! i want my tank to really pop!! :) been doing lots of looking and research! :)
these guys have great fish and shipping,this perticular one ive only seen this pic of i recognised it instantly,i agree i wouldlike to seeit in the water,again livefishdirect is great
thanks for the info tony. i am military and i am actually going to a base in utah in a few weeks. the base just happens to be near thier store! :) so i am for sure going!!!
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , I love a lady in uniform!! lol
lol!!!! *blushin!* i have been in uniform for 5 years now. :)
Even though I'm Canadian , I would still like to thank you for your service to your country and ours!! Bravo!!!
thanks!! :) that's always nice to hear. this is the only job i could get where people would let me tear apart jets! :)
well thank you for what you do,it take alot to be in the military these days, you are very lucky to be able to go there in fact i think they encourege visitors, we have a great place similar in portland but the owner is a real TURD and the publics not welcome,he will let in his retail store but for what ever reason and no matter how much your spending he wont let you in his wholesale store,well have fun maybe he will let you take some pics and you can post so we can all see,have fun and thank you again
Sarah, Albino's have pink or red eyes. I don't think this is a albino either. I am familar with the usisya but not albino ones.
You are very welcome Sarah!!!
tony, thanks for the kind words. :) it's trying somethimes, but it has been worth it. yea, a lot of the people that own stores like this are real turds! :) i will see if i can take some pics. the people that run the web site seem pretty cool, so i don't think it will be a problem. :)
Roger do you know why my female and male "albino" taiwan reefs dont have pink eyes??
Roger, yea i don't think it's an albino either. do you know what these fish's temperments are usually like??
tony, you have t reefs?? i have 1, but he's just a lil guy. i had 2, but i lost 1 of them. i think he got picked on.
Sarah here is a link to look at. http://www.cichlidforum.com/profiles/species.php?id=672
these usisiya are usually very mild in temper at least the 4 or 5 ive had and very beautiful with the body more gold than yellow and the black dorcil just highlight them very nicely,there one similay with a blue dorcil now them 2 together hasnt really worked for me
yes Sarah i have a evry nice matured male and also have a 4" male and female albino pair funny though as we speek the reg t-ereef is shakin and bakin with the female albino,they are beautiful fish but they can be onery
thanks for the link and the info guys!
I think there are 2 types of albino. I think it is melanistic and lueistic. not exact spelling. The melanistic are lacking in pigments but may have dark eyes and the leuistic type aree completely without pigmentation and will have pink or red eyes.
shakin and bakin! funny! :) yea, i was hoping to have a pair, but i just have the one now. they were very very small when i got them and the other just didn't pull through. do you have pics of yours on here? i'm sure you do. :)
it amazes me the info you guys know!
I am getting some albino t-reefs from John.
it is so hard to get fish like that here!
Roger do you know if there eyes are pink??
reffering to the new ones your getin
there is several types of "color morphs" this being xanthic , the lack of pigment leaving yellows to gold with normal eyes , albino is the lack of pigment with pink eyes , leucistic is the lack of pigment with normal eyes & melanistic which is basically a all black fish with normal eyes.
thanx Vince ,some of those words are new to me,,lol but with the way you explaind i have a much better idea, thanx again
Thanx Vince, I have forgotten so much of this stuff over the years. The drugs have ruined my memory. Prescription of course.
My Albino T-reefs are anout 2" long and their noses are starting to turn blue along with a ring around their eyes. I cant wait to see them color up!
I seen some of these yesterday, and the eyes look dark, but at a certian angle the pupil is dark red.. The guy told me they are one of the only albinos that can see well!!
well that's good, i wouldn't want fish bumpin into things! :)