phenochilus tanzania | by ben veasey

phenochilus tanzania

- 'well thats a boring blue fish' I hear you all cry - well yes at the moment - but notice those little blue reflective specs - as the fish gets older its entire body becomes covered in in different shades of blue reflective scales - a bit like sequins (google it andcheck out images) - a guy on these forums often posts a picture of a mature adult male that is now fully coloured. There are a couple of versions of this fish - one is rare and usually wild caught and very expensive - which this is an example of and a second more common variety usually tank bread.


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That's me. Mines not wild though. It does take a long time for them to color up fully.
ah yes - yours is probably the most beautiful fish I've seen posted on these forums - you must post it again - and yes they get more coloured with age -takes years, infact I read they keep colouring until they die.
yes they take for ever to start coloring up I have three of these and they all look about like this just starting to get the blues they were blackish when I got them they were around an inch in size now 2 and a halfto 3 inches mine are tanzania
Extremely gorgeous when colored up!