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our cichlid tank

we have 3 unknown species, (we think maybe they are eyebiters) 2 green terror (spawning) 3 clown loach, 1 gold gourami(yes they leave him alone)a small blue juvenile african(unknown exactly) 2 unknown speckled peach cichlids(pics later for identity) and 2 big plecos, and a breeding pair of VC10, and a single bachelor firemouth, in this 120 gallon tank, we also have a 50 with a 9"clown knife, a 4 inch black ghost and a new cichlid that resembles a rainbow.


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Nice fish, but not a good mixture with americans and africans. Different food and water needs.
i know, we had heard that after already having them all in the same tank for half a year and thought we should leave it alone, they actually live pretty peacefully, the green terror have spawned as well as the VC10's we didnt realize the VC10 had bred and we only have one surviving baby about 1/2 inch long. the gourami is what blows me away, they all leave him alone.
oh, and everyone eats live goldfish, we also feed flake, pellets, shrimp (both live and dried) night crawlers, bloodworms.
Live goldfish :(
Michelle , just is wondering y the sad face for feeding goldfish , and i know its mainly for power feeding but some times you need the power too get the smaller ones out of being thge shy fish
Big , yes ive heard that we have a very different tank setup but for some reason it seems too be working and they all get along pretty well and not just one fish rules the whole tank
The live goldfish can contain things that will harm or kill the fish. Feeder fish can be hazardous to their health. If it ain't broke don't fix it.lol
Feeder fish (unless you bred them yourselves) usually are kept in overcrowded filthy tanks and can carry diseases that could wipe out your own tank.
wow we didnt know that......what about rosy? our big fish really like to hunt now and then.....come to think of it, there have been times when we have gotten ich shortly after a weekly feeding of live......i will mention this to my husband, he keeps the fish. thank you guys!
i feed my carnivors guppies and earthworms, no gold fish. i would love to see a pic of the vc 10's. i have a large male
thanks abunch Big & Michelle for the info on the goldfish i usally buy my goldfish and keep them in a seperate tank for a couple of days with melafix and ick treatment in the water before i even put them in my big tank , but before all that i strain them in reversosmosis water for about a minute or two DAN , ill get you a better pic of both of my VC10s
cool, i'm looking forward to it