nik wallenda niagara falls canadian side | by duane richard

nik wallenda niagara falls canadian side

was a crazy night thats for sure


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he's crazy!
it was an amazing thing to see. great pic
thats very cool that you were there to experience it!
Joey, did you see it or watch it on tv? it was one of the coolest things i have ever seen
I caught the last ten minutes of it on tv live!!! I was sooo glad we switched in on when we did. Amazing.
i loved it when he sprinted at the end
me too! And when he knelt down to acknowledge the people waving at the canadian border I thought he was crazy, lol, im glad he did not fall, lol
yea that was pretty tense. he has permission to do the same thing over the grand canyon
are you amazed at hpw calm he was, I know how terrifying the falls are there and to look down, well I wont say what I would be thinking if I were him but he obviously found his Zen while up there
i couldnt believe he was answering questions while walking a tightrope over niagara falls. nerves of steel
actually when the news broadcasters were asking him questions I was thinking oh my gosh, leave him alone but he answered freely and enthusiastically, I would be like shut up cant concentrate
thats for sure
Must have been pretty intense to have been there.
I was there awesome to see in person I took this pic and lots of others to can't beleaive how many people showed up