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new addition


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nice looking cat.
Have you got a pond?
not yet.. lol
Your new addition is going to eat your old additions. Red Tail Cats get to over 80lbs...
Hope You are starting a very large pond build.
I have a lake he would do good in
u guys bein a little rough,grow to best of your capabiltys and then trade them in,for someone with the pond ,i mean they do sale them someone has to try and give them the best home they can get
sweet red tail, if i ever had the room and money to keep one of these i would
great fish, shame they dont stay that size!
james vince and rob be nice he is goin in a pond. please 5 stars or none. ill put up pics when i deliver him. and roger where do you live i might just drive to you and deliver the ralphs. thinkin about takin a road trip..
Be nice you guys!1 alot of people keep fish that WILL get big, in aquariums till they need to be moved!! He obviously knows this already!!