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need help!

i am getting kinda frustrated with this tank. when i first introduced fish to it they all started scratching against rocks. so i treated it for parasites that might have been making them itch. they went a few days and then started itching again. so i treated them longer. i have been using the malachite green by kordon. both times i cleaned the filter media with very hot water. and i did all the water changes as per the bottle of meds. last night i put the filter media back in and went to sleep, they had stopped the itching for about a day and a half. this morning they were itching again!!!! and all my water levels are good, the ph and so forth. don't know what to do!!


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Sarah ,I would & do use De-Los from it kills the parasites eggs & most other meds don't.
Sounds to me like a problem with the water quality.... Everytime you wash your filter with HOT water it kills all your good bacteria. Then they sit in there for a couple days and their waste becomes Ammonia, with no good bacterias to break it down. My advice, if you don't see parasites. Let the filter media stay, don't wash it, and do 40 % water changes daily. Keep me posted on the results. Make sure you use dechlorinated water around the same temp! Good luck!
yes i would recommend 25%evryother day for 3 or 4 times and see how that goes and i would quit treating until you complete this or a very similar cycle , good luck
Hope you can figure it out and it gets better for you. Are you sure it's a parasite?
thanks to all trying to help! i am going to go ahead with the water changes for the next coming week. i won't put in any more meds either, unless the week goes by with no change or i see something on a fish. it is just strange to me! i did do some research and some people said that scratching is normal???? that doesn't sound right to me. and i will go ahead and order the de-los just in case. again, thanks!!!
just do your water changes, and add some salt, if your treating for any kind of parasite, your taking a chance on lowering your fishes immune system, so just try the salt, and the water changes. Have you noticed any physical symptoms?
nope, i haven't seen anything on the fish. and i have been looking a lot through out the last couple days. i thought for sure something had to be up with my water, but it all checked out good. and i'm glad you brought up salt! a man at one of the local pet shops here said it wasn't good for the fish! so now i'm completely confused on the salt issue!!! i have always thought it was good for the fish.
Sarah, salt is as good for fish as with people. Makes a great med. Any problem I have I salt first.
that's what i thought. :)
sometimes they do that 2 mark there terriotory
Some scratching is normal. Never use hot water, the bacteria is vital to the system. Killing bacteria can cause the tank to re-cycle with an initial anmonia spike. Use declorinator with the built in extra capful or two may help.
all, i did do about a 30% water change. i didn't mess with my filter media at all and i added some salt. i did also use the water declorinator with the slime coat stuff in it. i do have kind of a silly question too, i have two of the big penguin bio wheel filters running on this tank. they come with the blue filter sleeves with the charcoal already in it. if you take these out and wash them like i did does it destroy the water cleaning capabilities that the charcoal has? and is it o.k. to just wash them and use them again. i do replace them with new, but how long is the charcoal good for??? i know.....i am just trying to learn!!! never had a web site like this before!
Carbon is good for about a month.More or less depending on the water quality.. Cleaning them does not reactivate the carbon.
as long as you rince them throughly in water not hot water you can maybe reuse them a time or two ,,like jerry said depending on water quality,but if youve done it recently try not disturbing anything until you get through this cycle
thanks for all the help! i've had fish my whole life, but never a "support group" to ask questions! i guess i've just had good luck. making water changes a weekly happening and am going to learn some way of making my own charcoal filter thingys! the store bought ones are very expensive!
Sarah they sell little small cloth mesh bags to put charcoal in. Buy one or two of those and a box of charcoal and you are set to make your own.
Here's a link so you can see what one looks like....
thanks for the link. :)
also try so maliflex or pemaflex. not sure about the spelling but u get the idea. and ya aquarium salt works well to and keep with the water changes. you could also try getting a diatom filter as well they work awesome for anything.
thanks for the tips michael. :)