my red tiger oscars  | by dave fishwick

my red tiger oscars

my new family members i got 4 of these great oscars which have gone into my 50 gallon tank ,


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Nice fish, Dave please move to a bigger tank or divide into other tanks if you have any.. They may live in here for awhile but will not thrive. Read up on the requirements for oscars..
the tank is fine i work in a lfs and i know what im doing! the tank will be fine its a 50 gallon tank with nothing else in it,
Nice Oscar Dave!!! Im hopefully starting in my lfs soon too!!! You in the UK?????
I am Marc ...can I have discount...PLZ
LOL!!! When I start, Im sure we can come to an arrangement LOL!!! Where abouts in the UK are ya????
Im not too far then, Im in Reading Berks!!!
Newport South Wales
cool your not after a cheap tank and external filter a seven cichlids for £100 are you
4 ft tank heater air filter coral sand as in need to get rid of it comes with a stand as well
Dave...4 babies in a LFS, yes....but 1 adult in a 50 is small.
Wish I had the room .
Thanks Jerry.. Dave I hate to disagree, but where you work has nothing to do with what is healthy for the fish..
agree split them up into different tanks . has nothing to do with where you work , but with the happiness wellbeing of the fish . don't be like every other so called know it all that works in a fish store . nice fish but the bad rating is for your attitude
I agree with Roger & Jerry, you need at least a 125 for 4 healthy adult Oscars. If kept in a 50 they are almost certainly going to get HITH.
i will be moving them to a bigger tank in a couple of months but where i got them from was a bloke who had them in a 2ft tank so they are better of now then they were , i will be get a 125 which i hope to order soon, they are great fish and i would have these over any other fish
50 gal will be fine for a little while, also working at LFS doesn't mean much, I can only imagine how many people here can tell you the horror story about what advise they been getting from LFS stuff, and how many times their fish/plants were safe after cause helpful people on
Nice oscar dave. But yes, i had a full grown oscar in a 55 for a little and was way too small of tank. Had to give him away to the lfs. Just not enough room. Hope to see that 125 soon