my red tailed shark | by john buckle

my red tailed shark

i know it aint a cichlid but i like it none the less


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cool I have one of thee and he chases my cichlids around the tank and the cichlids are much bigger than him lol
mine is quite quiet the only fish he seems to show off to are the green tiger barbs
Reaaly mine is really mean he is the boos in the thank yours looks nice john
I had a rainbow shark and he killed one of my rams. He got fostered out to my brother.
very aggres.
I had some rainbow sharks, and they were very very aggres.
I love these fish - I once had a tank just for sharks (irridescent - red tailed - rainbow - red line shark etc.) Usually they only chase their own kind, and are pretty peaceful + they don't have the hardware to do any real damage anyway. Beautiful lttle fish!
in my experience with Rainbow and Red Tail sharks, I've seen Red Tail always grow bigger bulkier and more aggro then Rainbow sharks. They are very intolerant to their own, find each other even in the very large tanks and then fights for hours, until one will dominate. Once it happen, and domination established, it gets easier. I saw some of these sharks tear each other fin and scales really badly, thanks that they quickly fully recuperated. Dwarf cichlids can easy be bullied by these, specially for the hideouts places and when sharks adults (5"), happen to mine rams.