my parrot babes | by sarah maurath

my parrot babes

some of the parrots. they are so camera shy!!!!


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Nice Parrots Sarah....that background orange is a nice match with the fish.
thank you for the kind words. :)
Camera shy? Mine come right up to the camera, think every time they see me they think they are going to get a treat. Great fish, wonderful personality.
yea, it was weird. usually they aren't shy, but they didn't like the camera! maybe they just thought it was strange looking or something.
Could be, how long have you had them?
i have had them about 4 years now. the picture doesn't really do them justice, they are getting pretty big! they have always been a little shy though, only at dinner time to they like charge the glass!!!
Mine are not the most photogenic either. Love the little goofballs, have had mine almost 2 years.
i just think they are so funny looking! they have the big fat fish body and the big fat cheeks and then thier strange little parrot fish mouth! and they swim kinds funny!
...kinda funny. :)
They always make me smile!