my newish tank | by dave fishwick

my newish tank

brand new to african cichlids been keeping tropical fish for 4 years then i moved on ca cichlids nao have just set up a four foot tank (month ago) i have 3 yellow labs 4 cyno alfa blues 3 cyno alfa blue white tops 4 lab hlgi 3 livingstoni 1 plec 2 mbuna (of some sort) most of them are only a 1 inch or so long looking to get some more soon


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Nice Dave,How many gallons
P. Livingstonii or N. Livingstonii ?
hi there not sure gallons its a 4 ft buy 1 ft tank so im no good with the whole math thing , n livingstonii
It is a 55gal. IS that the right date here?? U need to reset it OR remove the date stamp.. that always ruins a good pic..
yeah ill remove it i only just noticed it .