my new 75 gall | by richard schenfeld

my new 75 gall

check out my new 75 and new home to larry the jag an pinky the male flowerhorn who has became so evil i didnt know what to do ,so he beat the crap out of oscar mayer so i put him the, oscar in a 45 tall boy ,which i did not really like,then it was tearing up the female fh ,so i put him with the jag so they can duke it out with each other cause that makes them happy ,


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nice but thats all they'll be doing is duking it out till death do them part
the fh cant catch the jag and the jag is not the aggresor .
Richard that big FH will probably have to live alone.
yea even thou i just got this 75 im lookin for larry the jag his own 75or better.just gonna take some time,and they dont fight as much as i lead on .
I would just buy a cheap used 75 gal for the fh by himself