my foster pup | by joshua weeks

my foster pup

2 yr old female pitbull i'm fostering. trying to find her a good home


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Look at that muscle mass !! WOW, what a beauty!!
beautiful dog... i hope u dont fight them
you looks so serious
She's beautiful.
thanks. i would never fight them. i actually am a volunteer for a local pitbull rescue. i love this breed and cant stand the bad rap they get. besides, even though she looks impressive in this pic, she's a big baby. not a mean bone in her body. my male dominates the hell out of her.
Glad to hear that Joshua ! She' a beauty !!!!
What a cutie!
Joshua, where are you located? I take it the dogs are up for adoption?
Nice one..
Pretty girl!
shad, i'm located in upstate ny. this one is. the other one is mine.
sorry joshua i forgot the pics, i will only be able to post it on friday
when ever you get a chance. no worries.
Josh, email me. I'd like to talk about the dogs. thanks
beauty...good thing your doing, a great breed that is very misunderstood...wish i could have dogs in my complex or else id be on my way lol