my children wanted them. I am not familiar to african cichlids, but i will do my best to know them. | by Stefan Gavriliu

my children wanted them. I am not familiar to african cichlids, but i will do my best to know them.


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The blue and black ones look like a Demasoni, the yellow one is a Electric Yellow. The red ones look like Red Zebras. I'm not too familiar with the light blue cichlid up at the top.
I'm going to guess blue cobalt for the light blue one.
Or maybe a Kenyi...
I was thinking a kenyi too but I'm not too sure about it. I didn't want to make him think it was a Kenyi and have everyone correct him.
Kind of hard to tell from the picture. And I have seen juvenile blue cobalts with the barring too...
Not a cobalt where did.u get them
Got them from a petshop. All i knew before geting them is that they are pseudotropheus from Malawi (the blue stripped are all looking the same, being demasoni fore sure). As usual they dont like the prescribed food, novo rift or novo malawi, but are very happy to feed them discus food from sera or shrimp flesh. Actually not a surprize to me!, as my piranhas like best cichlid food or the neons shrimp food. Everybody likes anything else, but the prescribed food.
just dont feed them food with high protein....mbuna, which is a name for these type of malawi, should have a diet with loads of vege based ingredients...but for the most part these guys are very hardy fish and good starter africans
its a kenyi
of course i know what you are talking about! these rockdwellers need vegetables. they get it 6/7. 1/7 with protein is feast. everybody happy!
They LOVE zucchini and romaine lettuce!
got plenty of zucchini and lettuce growing in my yard. next weekend when i am out of duty i will try it and tell the results in comparizon to discus food.
looks like 2 demasoni and top one is kenyi, not all demasoni.
i will make another pic and you will see that are all the same. i still wonder why it looks different. maybe because of the flashlight. the naked eye sees something else.
The Mbuna we have will devour a slice of zucchini in about an hour.
a slice means 20/7/1.5 cm when i cut it for grill. this means a lot!
Ahh! Metric! LOL! About 1/4-3/8 inch US.
you gave me a great ideea. i will try it with these little friendly buggers.