my camera shy male ram | by john buckle

my camera shy male ram

finally managed to take a picture of him


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nice ram...i just setup a tank for some rams should be getting them in a week or two
Hey John way does your water look green and couldy
Good question Michael. John Rams require very clean and soft water. If you water is this murky that might be why you are losing them
Thanks Shonna
Michael do you think he water is that dirty? Or maybe just camera?
Shonna I think that he water is dirty he needs to read how to clean water the write way or he might have treated it and not cleaned it yet but that water is dirty reply please shonna what do you think
I think the glass has been "algeafied"
I agree Michael and if its that dirty those rams will never make it. They are very tempermental. My water wouldnt look this bad after a month of not cleaning it. Even tho i do a 30-40% water change every week :)
Thanking for replying Shonna my water has never looked this bad I think he should get his water tested and clean it or his rams are never going to make it I have rams and mine are doing great what do you think?????????
That might be a part of it Tony but I think he water need cleaning
I had no luck on Rams my tap water is between 7.9 and 8.2PH mine looked good then all of a sudden died. If it is algae a pleco would do him great
You beat me to it Shonna...Pleco or Algae Eater is need immediately.
maybe but I think he needs a good water change too what do you guys think?????????
well the camera is off my mobile phone and isnt very good, but yes the water is greenish, i have two large filters in there, and have not long cleaned the water but still has algae growin on it. i have not long bought a new tank. and am setting it up for my rams, the water isnt as bad as it looks in the picture believe it or not, the fish seem very happy, and arnt showing any ill signs, the one fish died a day or two after i had bought it so could of been stress related.
the thing is i dont want to put a potentially agressive fish like a flying fox because of my red tailed shark. i have noticed have an algae strip across the middle of the tank pretty much directly below the light im wondering if the light is too bright or something?
John i would suggest getting a bristlenose pleco or such. The reason i say this type is because they stay rather small. The filters will not help the algae. The light could cause some of it but a pleco will clean it up
sounds like you might have your lights on for to long of a period of time . shorten you time on and get an algae eater , pleco , or even an apple snail . you will be shocked how well a snail will clean up a dirty tank . just get ONE tho .good luck
I hade the same problem my my one tank 3 weeks ago,it was due to the lights and the fact the tank is exposed to sun light.i v'ed shortend the light time and put a background on the tank to block the sun light and it is now my clearest tank
John plecos are good to have anyway they will eat some of the uneaten food in the tank to keep clean
i will first try and reduce the light time and see if that has an effect. i wont be buying any more fish for a week or so, so ill take it in a few stages, i would like to add a few more cories to my colection too
i am lookin to add to my dwarf cichlid collection soon as i can find a stockist in my area, i would like to get some A. panduro or new pandas as their also known as they look like pretty fish
Yes they do look pretty and look like they have the same parameters as your rams