my breeding tank  mixed af cichlids  | by phillip manske

my breeding tank mixed af cichlids

1 Iodotropheus Sprengerae (Rusty) 1 Labidochromis caeruleus (yellow Lab) 1 Metriaclima Lombardoi (Kenyi) 3 Pseudotropheus zebra "cherry red' 1Pseudotropheus Socolofi (Pindani) 1 Aulonocara sp. OB 6 Aulonocara 2 Pseudotropheus Sp. (Elongatus Chewere) 4 Melanochromis auratus


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How do you keep them from cross breeding?
Are those Lego's or Mega Blocks?
one of a kind indeed!
i watch them very closely it worck for me i have eggs in my tumber right now ill post pic
i think they are Mega Blocks
and if they do cross breed i fed them to my other fish
how well does the tank stay clear /clean ? that good smart !
i use uvsterilizer some but mostly i just add water i have a marineland 220 filltering a 55 gallon tank thats over kill but i have a good colony of bacteria in it