my Green Terror eating one my cichlids | by Jay William

my Green Terror eating one my cichlids


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looks like a krib?
that's what happens when you mix predators & prey.
old world with new world, stupid!!!
and all you could do is take a pic... i understand if it was a gold fish but wow dude. i would of tried to save him
ahhhh,man..why did u let him eat it.besides thats a good looking fish.
That's why the GT does'nt belong in there!!!
the fish he ate looks sick...kind of a big belly>.>looks like an auratus to me
This picture really upsets me!!!:(
Not the kind of stuff avid fish keepers like to see. This is why you don't keep americans and africans. They get big big enough to eat them.
Sorry:( It's a hard lesson to have to learn. Any thoughts of seperating the africans from the americans? I agree Katrina, looks like an auratus to me also.
What a shame, such a sad pic., All you can do is learn from this.
What kind of cichlid is that in the foreground? I’ve been trying to identify mine and it looks identical. He’s an a-hole too.
It's Nimbochromis venustus