my 75 gallon beauty! | by sarah maurath

my 75 gallon beauty!

there are parrots, a electric blue, a midas, and a jd in here. probably a weird combo, but they all get along very well. they all have thier spots!!! except the parrots, they do what they want!!


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Looks good,Sarah.but you will have trouble when the midas gets larger.At some point it will snap and all the other fish will have a very bad day
yea, i am already planning on moving him. i have read they can get very aggressive.
will he really turn on my tank that quickly?????
Sarah, it depends on the fish. Some turn quicker than others.
Good job dear sarah :D
well, he turned!!! it's crazy, since that was just brought up! none of my parrots were injured, but when i went to feed them this morning the midas was going after them as they were trying to eat. i guess that move is going to come earlier than expected!!!
Good to hear that no one got hurt.I have a young true midas (got him in july at 2",bout 6"now)and He is already attacking My hand when I clean the tank
Midas don't play well with others. They are best left solitary or they will cause a lot of damage.
i am going to put him in a tank by himself now, how large should it be? he is a pretty boy and i want him to be happy. :) also i know jd's can be nasty. i have 1 in with my parrots also, will he turn on them also??? i am still learning who can live with who!
Yes Sarah He will tear a JD up no problem,he will quickly outgrow the JD and is much more agressive.He will need a 75gal when adult,You can get by with a 40 to 55gal the first yr if You keep up the water changes and don't overfeed
will my jd end up turning on my parrots?
I'm jealous. Sweet tank!