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Aulonocara maleri
posted by: brian roseberry

Oct 30th, 2010
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Rob Robinson » posted 2010/10/30 03:03 am
Nice one
Louis Pereira » posted 2010/10/30 03:06 am
brian roseberry » posted 2010/10/30 03:07 am  
thanks man... really wish i knew the people you know where u got some of ur fish/plecos.. i just found a guy today who breeds zebra plecos. sells males for 75 hopefully before or after christmas i have one.. ur sultan would be on my list as well. its a real shame santa is make belive
Rob Robinson » posted 2010/10/30 03:18 am  
Brian e-mail your # to my 2 guys give killer deals and have awesome selction of fish and plecos and they ship
Rob Robinson » posted 2010/10/30 03:19 am  
I would love a zebra too
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2010/10/30 03:28 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2010/10/30 06:22 am
fourdell kidson » posted 2010/10/30 06:35 am
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2010/10/30 09:01 am
Dane Daley » posted 2010/10/30 11:13 am
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/10/30 11:14 am
Charles Black » posted 2010/10/30 12:29 pm
Andy walls » posted 2010/10/30 01:04 pm
James Martin » posted 2010/10/30 02:59 pm  
c r » posted 2010/10/30 05:32 pm
Scott Mayes » posted 2010/10/31 12:22 am
Justin Deans » posted 2010/10/31 10:57 pm

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

still no idea, but very nice shot
Sammy Ramos

Alexander Langer

cool, awesome shot!
Alexander Langer

No idea, since its full colors are not developed yet. Maybe wait a bit unt
Alexander Langer

Hello Diana, welcome to the site :-) Nice shot!
Alexander Langer

welcome back to the hobby :)