male carpintis Juve | by alden praptono

male carpintis Juve

Hi all.. :)


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Hey Alden. how you been?
Hai Wes, I'm fine. How with you? Your fishes look great for recent
Looks great alden
Good to see ya Alden
Thanks everybody. Shaun, it sounds so nice to me some people here still remember me :). thanks so much
Great looking fish. Good to see you again Alden.
Wonderful. Which variant (Vontehillo, Escondido, Chairel)? Excellent worming on the face too.
thanks all. @bip, thanks. It's amazing fish site. when I joined this group in 2008, there're only about 3000s pages of pics, but now it contains more than 10.000 pages! Nice work of you, Alex, Dan, Wes and buddys in the team. @Manu8, I don't know exactly the variant of it, may be escondido or cross of them.
Very cool.