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malawaki tank

Yellow labs(2f/1m) Red Empress(2 m/f) livingstoni(1m) Dolphin(1?) electric blue(1f)


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pretty tank April
thank you but none of the fish are in the pic...they are iding when we come around, I think the cat has some thing to do with
My Grandpa once set up his tank with flowers in it when I came over. It's not to everyone's taste but I like the way you've done it in this tank :D. Just be careful about which artificial plants you put in your tank. Many years ago when I was just starting out with cichlids one plasic plant I put in my tank from Dollarama leaked some sort of dye and killed most of my fish :(. In the aftermath I also had a platy (yes a platy) who went insane and managed to kill some of the cichlids much bigger then him. Then he drove himself to shreds in the gravel and died... It was a complete nightmare. Since then I've been rather wary of plastic stuff...
These are silk notplastic but yes I'm very weary of plastic plants and flowers....kinda kool how you can add the beauty in a tank with out over diong it...thanks ;) sad about your crazy fish though ;(
Looks good April.
Thanks guys...My GT is male and measured last night at 7.3" big but not agressive yet...he has Bright Orange/Red on the Outer half of his tail and Dorsel fin very pretty just the breed I wasn't into but we made the arrangemntes for him now so to figure out the female part as I do not have a extra to grow one out for him as too many fry coming in at once for this house...Need birth control so the batchs are flwing in as the others go out but thats a stragedy I am in the process of figuring Experience I will get from this .
lmao ur too funny...
Funny and stressed...but I sure enjoy watching the little guys in the 20 g We need to get the pool set up