maingano - with yellow fins???? | by Vincent Steen

maingano - with yellow fins????

I just got my order of fish for my 90 gal tank - 18 labs and 12 maingano and 8 red top mpanga. All look as they should, and nice and healthy......... but one maingano is a little different - it has yellow on its fins! I've never seen anything like it before. Can anyone explain why? Is that a particular variant? Is it trying to fit in with the labs? He/she is pretty but I'm curious why the color difference.


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Some of the maingano are darker than others and so I imagine their males - but anyone ever seen one with yellow fins?
i also have some with yellow/orange fins with labs too. so maybe they r trying to fit in with the yellow labs
Thats crazy! - I have a fish with an identity crisis! I wouldn't mind it staying that way....he stands out as different.
Wish I could help, he is a cool lookin fish.