Sick Sevrum?? Help | by Rob Kaye

Sick Sevrum?? Help

well my sevrums got ick i treated the tank with those ick away tablets from jungle (dont seem to be doing anything day2) but i now noticed the larger severum is not using his right fin to swim its just staying up against him not moving at all i never seen or heard of anything like this does anyone know why that would happen and how can i fix it?? thanks in advance


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unfortunately no! ive asked the same question and of what i have read can't tell until they mature, just like mine
im kinda thinking they might be a pair cause i got them both about 5 months ago they were the size of a quarter and and now the one grows much faster then the other they are the same age and about an inch different
i didnt even have mine for 5 months yet, one of mine are about 4 inches give or take, the other is younger, so i don't know whether i have a female or male either
does it the fin look like it has any red streaks, or is it really white and blotchy? Turn you heat up a couple of notches and add some aquarium salt, it should to the trick!
hey karrie sorry im so late getting back laptop crashed yestarday well i did have the heat up there at about 82 because im treating him for ick this morning he seems to be swimming fine and using the fin again but i do notice red streaks in him like you mentioned what is that?