juvenile Pheniculus | by Vincent Steen

juvenile Pheniculus

My juvi phenochilus - starting to color up! He has like one or two little baby blue spots so far......I can't wait for him to color up fully! Anyone know how long that takes? And how big do they get?


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It will take about 8-10 months to start looking adult. They get pretty big over 8". He'll be nice.
Thank you! I can't wait! My OB has always been the king of my tank (210 gallons) but is starting to mellow out a bit now that some of the others is getting bigger than him. Although he still chases my 12" pleco back into hiding whenever its feeding time!
pretty blue :)
nice pair
How big are they now?
Kye, its not a pair - in the photo is my dolphin and a Taiwan reef in the photo with my Pheniculus. All are about 3 1/2 - 4" now. I cant wait for the pheniculus to color up, and the dolphins head to start forming his bump!!! I also have a venustus and a blue empress that I'm patiently waiting to get full color on as well! Haps are awesome - but you have to be patient.
ah ok, couldnt tell that was a dolphin in this pic. Those are nice too. My Pheno is only 2 1/2" right now and looks much more darker than yours. almost so dark you can hardly see the stripes.
Same with my 2nd dolphin, one is light (pictured) and the other much darker.