Any idea what this is? Goin to bed and it was on my window. No worries. I didnt kill it.  | by john parrish

Any idea what this is? Goin to bed and it was on my window. No worries. I didnt kill it.


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no the recluse has a violin on his back & legs are much longer this looks like a wolf spider
here is a link...
well its not a wolf spider i already looked them up. any suggestions on how to find out what kind?
Vince i love the id link, you dont miss a beat,i would still kill it,,lol
im guna go out on a limb here but i thinks its a spider and it should b a dead spider
That is one MEAN looking spider!! My boss in Arizona almost lost his arm to a recluse!! I would kill it, rain or not!!
its a very horrid looking thing i would kill it incase u let it go nd it comes back into ur bed lol
looks like a woodlouse hunter , killing spiders is a bad thing . people don't realize how many pest insects they kill in a year .
yes but if its guna involve coming into contact with his children then kill it best site for arachnid identification out there
no dont kill it , pick it up in something and relocate it .
gaurantee you more babies die from cats than they do spiders . should we kill all cats then? (well if it was up to me i'd say yes to that because cats are worthless !)
Not necessarily, cats kill pests too! But I agree, I love dogs and fish
haha i just let it do its own thing. i was raised not to kill unless you wanna eat it.
haha and no kids. stiiiill a yung gun
If I saw that thing on my window I would kill it then move!! Hate Spiders!!!!
well at least most agree he/you are better off with him
just throw it in your fish tank.... :)
it's a great shot though!
I wonder what Peter Parker would think!?
don't get things like that in liverpool, happy days!!!!